The Best Keto Diet Menu for Beginners – The Dos and Don’ts

The Best Keto Diet Menu for Beginners – The Dos and Don’ts

Keto diet Menu for Beginners is the latest fad in case you want to lose weight or want to adopt it for health maintenance. You are what you eat. Keto diet puts your body in ketosis, a natural process where our body burns fat for energy supply.

More and more people are joining the keto quest and it is no surprise. Because it has many advantages over conventional diet protocols with fewer side effects.

There is a reason why our bodies store fat. Our body gears up the fat-burning mode as a mode of survival when the usual energy stores get depleted. It usually happens in starvation.

The Best Keto diet Menu for Beginners

Keto diet employs the same equation. But it is different from starvation. In keto diet, we keep replenishing our body energy stores. Instead of carbohydrate intake, we supply our body with a good amount of healthy fats. Our body senses it as starvation and ignites the intrinsic fat-burning switch. Body evades the damaging effects of starvation because of ample energy reserves.

Keto diet is a wonderful transition of energy sources. From carbohydrates to fats.  It is amazing how switching from one source to other benefits the body systems. Keto diet menu for beginners helps you take the first steps on this incredible journey.

Keto Diet Weight Loss – The Upshots

High fat and low carb regime that touts scientific backing for its weight loss benefits. Keto diet causes

  • a decline in circulating sugar in the blood
  • a concurrent decline in insulin levels, the hormone that handles sugar metabolism
  • enhanced insulin sensitivity at the cellular level
  • an increased amount of ketones, an energy source, produced by the liver

Though it may seem very similar to low carb and Atkins diet. Yet ketogenic diet weight loss has its differences with other weight loss protocols.  The advantages gyrate around two principal effects of the subject diet;

  • increased ketone bodies
  • decreased insulin levels

Figures relating to people adopting a ketogenic diet for weight loss are escalating because

  • the keto diet does not leave your starving, rather it has an astounding filling effect
  • it does not give you unwanted hunger pangs, rather it curbs your appetite
  • it eliminates uninvited food cravings
  • it does not cause brain fog or energy decline
  • the protein intake ensures your body preserves muscle
  • There is no calorie tracking or portion control. if you do not have the mindset of calorie count or food tracking, keto is the best option for you

The more unrestricted your food intake is, the more fat you lose. Simple steps of removing some food items from your diet menu do the trick.

Keto Diet Meal Plan – How Many Calories to Eat on a Keto

It is important to note that the keto diet emphasizes on the quality rather than quantity. That is why it is everyone’s favorite. However, restricting your caloric intake gives a boost to the weight loss process. Intake of high-quality fat compensates for the reduced caloric intake. It is here the keto key lies.

How many calories a day on keto depends on your present BMI.

BMI is an estimate of your body fat. Calculate your BMI by dividing your height by weight. There are many BMI calculators available online that help you do the task.

BMI gives a rough estimate of your total caloric intake according to your age.

Once you know your caloric intake, you need to know the percentage of carbs, fats and proteins intake. You should be consuming

  • 75% of caloric intake from fats
  • 20-25% caloric intake from proteins
  • only 5% of carbohydrates, during keto diet

Many online keto calculators have simplified the job for you. You do not need to calculate your BMI. All you have to do is to put in the figures asked.

The keto calculators estimate your macros for you according to your

  • gender
  • age
  • physical activity
  • weight
  • target calorie intake

The specific grams of each macro-nutrient will be different for everyone. It is because of the difference in individual calorie intake requirements. Taking an accurate amount of macros ensures your body stays in keto.

Online apps help you navigate your macro levels for each day. Record everything you eat during the day. It will calculate an allowance for you.A great help to design a keto diet menu for beginners.

Keto Diet Plan for Beginners – How Does a Keto Calculator Help?

Besides detailing the macros according to your calorie intake and target goals. A keto calculator also indicates

  • your weight loss or weight gain goals
  • initiation and maintenance of ketosis
  • track your macros with accuracy
  • removes the guesswork about what and how much one should eat

A keto calculator makes easy keto meal plan possible.

What to Eat on a Keto Diet

Here we are with a list of keto foods that supports a keto diet menu for beginners. Every food item features a specific strategy for keto induction. So once you have calculated your macros, restrict yourself to the net amount.

There is one thing about keto that guarantees success is self-discipline. Opting for low carb dietary items that are not included in the list can remove you from ketosis. We know you do not want your efforts down the drain. It is advisable to prepare yourself for this diet. Shop the keto list. Prepare and marinate in advance. Remove anything that may tempt you out of keto in case supplies get narrow.

Keto diet menu for beginners is simple. You have to remove some items and replace them with others.

Foods to cut back to zero

  • All kinds of sugars.

This includes sugars in processed food. These include hidden ingredients in certain ready-to-go food items. All kinds of juices, bakery products, candy, ice-creams, chocolate, and dairy drinks

  • all kinds of bread
  • all kinds of fruits

There are exceptions

  • grains and starches

Wheat-based dietary items, rice, pasta, cereal

  • lentils, beans, and legumes
  • tubers and root vegetables

Carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc.

  • low-fat or diet food items

They are often processed and contain a high amount of hidden carbs

  • sugar-free drinks and food items

Nothing is sugar-free unless it is devoid of it. So do not go for labels and avoid sugar-free labels

  • alcohol

Alcohol contains fermented sugar, so a big NO

  • unhealthy fats

As processed oils, margarine, mayonnaise, corn, and canola oil, etc.

  • processed ready-to-go foods

As lunch meats, sausages, etc.

Foods allowed in Keto Diet Menu for Beginners

Do not get imitated by the don’ts of keto. There is still a lot that you can incorporate in your simple keto meal plan to make it lavish for your taste buds. Here is what you can have in leisure amounts in keto.

  • Meat includes all kinds. White, red, chicken, turkey, organ meat
  • Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna
  • Shellfish as Oysters, shrimp, and scallops
  • Eggs, organic
  • Butter, organic one that has not undergone processing
  • Cream, go for fresh cream
  • Cheese, home-made or organic is the best, cheddar, blue or mozzarella
  • Greek yogurt
  • Healthy oils as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil
  • Avocados or home-made guacamole
  • Berries including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Nuts and seeds. Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts
  • Nut butter as homemade peanut butter, almond, and cashew butter
  • Condiments as salt, pepper, herbs, lemon juice and spices
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Healthy oil and unprocessed ghee
  • Green tea, black tea, and coffee without milk
  • Water and sparkling water are the best choices to keep yourself hydrated

The afore-mentioned keto diet foods list ensures you have plenty of options available. Integrate these dietary items into a variety of recipes. Keto diet menu for beginners may strike your creative nerve. You never know a chef lies hidden inside you. So be creative and imaginative.

A day in the life of keto weight watcher

A typical day in a keto diet starts with water and lots of it. Water helps to overcome dehydration. An eminent side effect, which happens sooner if not addressed in time. Water also helps to jumpstart your metabolism. It clears away gut and works to keep the bowel movement active.

After a few days as your body enters ketosis, you may want to add a dose of electrolytes to your water intake. It helps you overcome fatigue and improves physical performance.

Breakfast: Make sure to consume a sizeable breakfast. The first meal of the day should keep you going till midday or even till afternoon in case of busy office schedule. Here is what you can take

  • Two eggs. Boiled, fried, scrambled or made into an omelet. The choice is yours. Make sure to cook them in coconut oil or butter mixed with olive oil. An omelet gives you the liberty of consuming veggies with eggs. So a bit of fiber is always good to ward off constipation.
  • Few pieces of bacon
  • Few mushrooms and olives
  • A piece of your favorite cheese
  • A cup of black coffee with a dollop of coconut oil

Lunch:  For lunch, make a big bowl of salad. Mix a lot of greens with an occasional piece of chicken. Sprinkle few nuts or sunflower seeds. Spray a vinaigrette made of vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil. Take ice tea without sugar with your meal.

Dinner: Dinner for the keto diet menu for beginners should be simple. Grill a marinated piece of fish or chicken. Pair it up with spinach sautéed in a creamy sauce. Add a few sprigs of French beans. Take few tablespoons of Greek yogurt mixed with fruit as dessert.

Snacks: Snacking is what we cannot live without or we would never have weight issues in the first place. Keto diet menu for beginners gives you healthy snacking options. The key is to keep it simple.

  • A handful of mixed nuts,
  • Almond flour cookies,
  • Peanut butter with coffee or no-bake peanut butter balls,
  • Fat bombs,
  • Lettuce and bacon rolls
  • Intense dark chocolate and the list goes on

Keto Sample Meal Plan for a Week

We want you to take care of yourself and manage your weight issues. So we have devised a keto diet menu for beginners. It caters to the first week of your keto journey. This keto beginner meal plan will build momentum. It would build your confidence in the subject diet regime. Easy on your shopping list and quick to prepare. These hassle-free recipes make keto satisfying to follow.

Day 1

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs with sautéed mushrooms. Few olives with goat cheese. Black coffee with coconut oil.

Lunch: Chicken salad with lots of greens and feta cheese. Green tea without sugar. Half a cup of Greek yogurt with few berries.

Dinner: Some mutton chops with grilled vegetables. Clear soup. A small piece of dark chocolate.

Day 2

Breakfast: Cheese omelet made of two eggs. Incorporate finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chili to add flavor. A cup of black coffee with coconut oil.

Lunch: A chicken patty wrapped in lettuce leaves and sandwiched with tomatoes. Few almonds to munch. Green, or lemon or iced tea without sugar.

Dinner: Beef steak on a base of creamy spinach. Lemon or cinnamon tea.

Day 3

Breakfast: Milkshake made of almond milk, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and stevia.

Lunch: Tuna salad. An avocado sprinkled lightly with lemon, salt, and black pepper.

Dinner: Meatballs with cream. Clear beef soup with vegetables.

Day 4

Breakfast: Two fried eggs with slightly grilled cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives. Black tea with coconut oil.

Lunch: Smoothie made of Greek yogurt and berries of your choice. No-bake peanut butter cookie.

Dinner: Few slices of grilled beef with okra fried in butter. Lemon tea with cocoa keto bar.

Day 5

Breakfast: Keto iced coffee. Home-made peanut butter with almond flour bread slice.

Lunch: Spinach and avocado smoothie.

Dinner: Turkey with cream cheese sauce. Spinach mash.

Day 6

Breakfast: Peanut butter milkshake with stevia. Two boiled eggs.

Lunch: Grilled chicken thighs. Marinated with Greek yogurt, black pepper, red chili flakes, and salt.

Dinner: Chicken pizza with a cauliflower crust. Strawberry yogurt.

Day 7

Breakfast: Omelet with salsa, avocado, onion, peppers and mixed herbs.

Lunch: Tuna sandwich made with lettuce leaves. A blueberry smoothie.

Dinner: Shashlik made of boneless chicken paired with capsicums and tomatoes.

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