This Guy Reviewed All the Keto Friendly Options at Taco Bell

This Guy Reviewed All the Keto Friendly Options at Taco Bell

Joe Duff, better known as the Diet Chef on YouTube, makes videos showcasing how easy it can be to stick to the keto diet while still enjoying food from chains like Starbucks and McDonald’s. Good news for taco lovers; he’s also reviewed all of the low-carb items on the menu at Taco Bell, and he has found there are more than 10 different keto-friendly options available.

It should go without saying that when eating keto-friendly at Taco Bell, that means ordering a bowl and skipping the flour tortilla, taco shell, beans, and rice.

Duff orders a handful of items from the dollar menu: the chicken quesadilla melt, minus the shell, has less than 1 carb per serving; and the beefy Frito burrito (in a bowl, without the Fritos, tortilla and rice), has 3 carbs.

The burrito supreme, without tortilla or beans, costs under $5 even if you upgrade to steak, and contains carbs. The grilled chicken costs the same and has 1 less carb. The fresco taco meanwhile, when ordered with either chicken or beef, is carbs.

When ordering the grilled steak taco, the only thing that has to be taken off is the tortilla, leaving you with carbs, which Duff believes to be way better value than the chicken taco, which is the same price but has carbs. “Ordering keto at Taco Bell, I’ve got to say, the steak taco, the bowl anyways, has got to be up there in the top three choices,” he says.

His favorite item, however, is the chicken power bowl. “There’s got to be at least a pound of food in here,” he says. “There’s guacamole, pico de gallo, chicken, sour cream, avocado ranch dressing, and a ton of lettuce… this whole thing is carbs.”

It’s worth noting that a number of the signature dressings at Taco Bell are low-carb, including the spicy ranch, avocado ranch and creamy jalapeno sauce, all of which have just carb per serving, and the creamy chipotle, which has zero. If you like hot sauce with your order, that is just 1 carb per serving (although the sweet chilli sauce has a whopping 8 carbs per serving), and Duff also the shredded cheddar or three cheeses, as these also only have carb each.

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