Keto Butter Rum Blondies Low Carb

These decadent Keto Butter Rum Blondies are perfectly chewy and loaded with walnuts.  Lightly sweet, richly buttery, and with a subtle hint of rum, these are the best Keto blondies I’ve ever had!



I had other keto recipes in the queue to post here first, but I made these keto butter rum blondies last week and I just couldn’t wait to share them!


I love a good blondie, but keto blondies I’ve had in the past never measured up to the real thing for me. I honestly didn’t even know if it was possible to get that buttery, chewy goodness right using keto friendly ingredients – so for the longest time I didn’t even bother to try.



I finally went for it though, and I’m thrilled to say that these keto butter rum blondies are everything you’ve been missing in a keto blondie recipe – and then some!

Delicious with a cup of coffee in the morning, or as a sweet ending to dinner, these low carb blondies are so good that  I had to cut them in half, and then freeze them, to keep from eating them all in just a day or two. ?



Keto Butter Rum Blondies Recipe Notes

These keto butter rum blondies don’t actually contain any rum, though you could use the real thing if you wanted to. I chose to use a rum flavoring/extract because it achieved the flavor I wanted without adding a lot of extra liquid to the batter.  Any brand will do, I used McCormick brand that I found in the baking aisle.

For my sweetener, I used Lakanto Golden, which helped give these keto blondies that warm, rich flavor that you can’t get with a white sweetener.  Swerve brown, or any other brown sugar alternative should work similarly – though I can’t guarantee the exact results I had if you don’t use the Lakanto (not sponsored or affiliated with Lakanto in any way, this is just what I used.)

Finally, these keto blondies make use of psyllium husk powder, which gives them an authentic, chewy texture.  You can omit it if you like, but you’ll end up with a harder, crumblier result, more like a cookie than a blondie.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but nowhere near as good as trying the recipe as written!



If you love the idea of keto desserts but can’t even with using your oven during the heat of summer, pin this blondie recipe for later and try some of these delicious no bake keto desserts instead!



Written by Healthy Cat

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