15 Keto Fat Bomb Recipes That Make Easy, Low-Carb Snacks

Fat is basically the main building block of losing weight on the keto diet. Increasing your fat intake–while cutting carbs–puts you in ketosis, and when you’re in ketosis, your body can start burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. That means you need to eat a *good* amount of fat, which kinda sounds like a free pass to chow down on fast food but is actually a little (you don’t want to go overboard on saturated or trans fat!).

Enter: Keto fat bombs. These small-but-mighty balls or bars get the job done when it comes to filling you up with the right amounts of fat, protein, and carbs, and also satisfying your taste buds. With keto fat bombs, you want to find recipes that are at least 85 percent fat. If so, they can function as a meal (if you eat more than one, typically) or a snack in a single serving.

Common bases for fat bombs include cream cheese, nut butter, and coconut oil, although the ingredients are often interchangeable for whatever high-fat products you have in your pantry. ensuring that you’re getting an energy boost and enough of the right kinds of fat in your diet to maintain ketosis.

FYI, most keto experts recommend you don’t eat more than two or three keto fat bombs daily because you can eat too much fat on the diet (aim for getting 70 to 80 percent of your daily calories from fat, according to Harvard Health). Eating high amounts of healthy fat means you’ll stay pretty full for a while and shouldn’t need to be popping these babies all the time, anyway.

Here are 15 keto fat bomb recipes to fill you up and make you *drool.*

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Keto Brownie Bombs

This is the fat bomb for people who want to lick the bowl every time they make brownies. It’s gooey and chocolatey and, yes, you can eat it for breakfast.

Per serving: 51 calories, 4.4 g fat, 2.6 g carbs, 1.2 g fiber, 1.9 g protein

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Chocolate Cream Cheese Fat Bombs

This one’s for you, choco-holics. Cream cheese, unsweetened chocolate, and chopped together for a fat bomb that’s creamy, dreamy, and nutty all at the same time.

Per serving: 90 calories, 8 g fat, 1.5 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 2 g protein

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Want perfectly round fat bomb bites *every* time? Order a cookie scoop set today, like this one with three sizes.

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Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Do you like picking out all the cookie dough chunks in cookie dough ice cream? These fat bombs are basically just an enlarged of those little bites. So good, you won’t even miss the ice cream.

Per serving:106 calories, 10.6 g fat, 2.3 g carbs, 1.3 g fiber, 2.1 g protein

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Everything Bagel Fat Bombs

Missing your Sunday brunch bagel and cream cheese? This fat bomb packs all the same flavor with almost *none* of the carbs.

Per serving: 60 calories, 5 g fat, 1 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 2 g protein

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Blackberry Coconut Fat Bombs

If chocolate isn’t really your thing, these fruity fat bombs are perfect for any time you wanted a tangy breakfast or snack (plus, the coconut oil base will keep you full for hours).

Per serving:170 calories, 18.7 g fat, 3 g carbs, 2.3 g fiber, 1 g protein

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Cookies ‘n’ Cream Fat Bombs

If Oreos are your favorite dessert (or fave flavor of ice cream), this recipe will hook you up. You have to make your own keto-friendly cookie crumbs, so it’s not a quick treat…but it’s so worth it (did we mention Oreos?).

Per serving: 230 calories, 24 g fat, 4 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 3.5 g protein

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Matcha Fudge Fat Bombs

Wondering what to do with all that matcha MCT oil you bought when you started keto? Use it to whip up a batch of these matcha “fudge” fat bombs for a jolt of fat-burning power.

Per serving:94 calories, 9 g fat, 0 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 0 g protein

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Jalapeno Pepper Fat Bombs

If you prefer the creamy, salty filling of restaurant-style jalapeno poppers over the actual jalapeno, you’re going to fall madly in love with this fat bomb.

Per serving: 147 calories, 13 g fat, 2 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 4.7 g protein

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Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Perfect for basking in warmer weather or brightening up cold winter days, these lemon cheesecake fat bombs are sweet, fresh, and tangy.

Per serving: 60 calories, 7 g fat, 0.5 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 1 g protein

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Maple Pecan Fat Bomb Bars

These are somewhat different from your average fat bomb, because they’re baked and served in bars (kinda like a protein bar, except with a higher fat-to-protein ). You will not regret packing one of these up for an on-the-go snack, promise.

Per serving: 299 calories, 30 g fat, 6.5 g carbs, 4 g fiber, 4.7 g protein

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Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs

You could argue that any chocolate peanut butter cup is a fat bomb (even Reese’s). But only a keto-friendly one will contain the healthier kinds of fats–like coconut butter and coconut oil–and more than two grams of protein per serving.

Per serving: 93 calories, 8 g fat, 2 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 2.5 g protein

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Pina Colada Fat Bombs

Want to feel like you’re on a tropical island? Try these fat bombs–a few teaspoons of pineapple essence (pineapple isn’t keto-friendly, FYI) combined with coconut cream and rum extract will send you off into beach vacation bliss.

Per serving: 23 calories, 2 g fat, 0.5 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 2 g protein

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Savory Pizza Fat Bombs

Sure, you could make a cauliflower crust when you have a pizza craving. But you could also whip up a batch of these savory fat bombs and satisfy your pepperoni and olive pizza urges with a boost of fat-based energy.

Per serving: 101 calories, 9.6 g fat, 1.7 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 2.3 g protein

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Strawberry Cream Fat Bombs

Cool and creamy, these fat bombs also contain vanilla collagen protein powder so you can indulge in a sweet treat with an extra filling boost.

Per serving: 179 calories, 17 g fat, 0.5 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 3 g protein

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White Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

For a twist on the chocolate brownie fat bombs, these white chocolate bombs–made with cocoa butter and coconut oil–have all the variety (and fat) you need to stay in ketosis.

Per serving: 125 calories, 10 g fat, 0 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 0 g protein

Written by Healthy Cat

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