Keto Bacon, Braunshweiger, and Pistachio Truffles

These Keto Bacon, Braunschweiger, and Pistachio Truffles are a delicious keto appetizer or savory fat bomb that can be eaten on the go or served at any cocktail party or sporting event!


When I was a kid, I loved liverwurst! I know this isn’t true for everyone, but if you think you never liked it before, it’s worth giving it another try, promise!

Mr. Hungry didn’t think he liked Liverwurst either, but my friend Judy used to make this awesome molded “bomb” for parties that had a core of liverwurst, covered with a thick outer ring of cream cheese. We’d spread it on rye bread or crackers, with a dollop of mustard, and it would always be one of the first things to go. Mr. Hungry loved it and used to request that she make it all the time.

I used Judy’s method as a basis for my low carb and keto friendly version. In these truffles, I started with a core of liverwurst (which I added pistachios to for extra flavor and texture), then a thick coating of cream cheese (which I sublty flavored with dijon mustard to mimic our mini sandwiches), and finally I coated it with a crust of crispy chopped bacon, which adds the texture you might find from spreading it on a crunchy cracker when you bite into it.

It was everything I remembered – I didn’t even miss the bread! Honest!


This is a perfect March Madness (or anytime) appetizer – just be aware, they will go FAST once everybody gets a taste of them so be sure to make enough for about 3 per person if you’re having a party!

A few tips when making these savory Keto truffles:

  1. Don’t add salt to anything! These are already perfectly seasoned from the liverwurst and bacon.
  2. Make sure you cook your bacon to be really crisp, and chop it finely for best coverage of the truffles. Also, if you’re making these in advance, roll them in the bacon shortly before serving – it tastes good the next day, but the bacon will lose it’s crunchiness over time from absorbing moisture from the cream cheese – my favorite is while the bacon is still crisp.
  3. Don’t overdue the mustard! The cream cheese is a nice break from the rich flavor of the liverwurst, and the mustard flavor should be subtle – measure it out rather than guessing or you risk overpowering the entire truffle with mustard.
  4. These are messy to assemble and there is no getting around it. Your best bet is to roll out the liverwurst balls first, then use your hands to spread the cream cheese around them all. It will be like frosting a cake with your fingers – embrace it. (it’s also fun for kids, so you can put them to work at this if you have other things to do) Then chill them for about 30 minutes to harden up a bit before pressing them into the bacon.

I’m making it sound more complicated than it is, really – and I promise you once you try them that it will be SO. WORTH. IT. Crunchy, salty, rich, and smooth – these have everything you want in an appetizer!

These Keto Bacon, Braunshweiger & Pistachio Truffles also make a very quick and satiating snack when you’re on the go. In fact I may use a version of these for my upcoming fat fast if I can get the macros just right. The problem will be not eating too many of them! Seriously addicting – these savory keto truffles should come with a warning label!

To serve, you can eat them as is, or cut in half and spread on a celery stick or one of my low carb cracker recipes. If you want to make this even easier, and don’t care to get fancy about it, you can also spread it in a small casserole dish in layers, and top with the crispy bacon – then just have a knife handy to spread it onto your celery, crackers, or another low carb vehicle.





Ingredients :

  • 8 oz Braunshweiger (Liverwurst), room temperature
  • 1/4 cup chopped pistachio kernels
  • 6 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • 8 slices bacon, cooked crisp and chopped finely

Instructions :

  1. Combine the Braunshweiger and pistachios in a small food processor and pulse until combined.
  2. In a separate small bowl, whip the softened cream cheese and mustard together until smooth.
  3. Roll the Braunshweiger into 12 small balls.
  4. Then take each ball and form about a 1/4 inch thick layer of cream cheese with your fingers.
  5. Once you have done all of them, chill for about 30 minutes.
  6. Roll each ball in the finely chopped bacon and place on a serving dish.
  7. Serve cold, or at room temperature.

Written by Healthy Cat

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