45 Best Keto Ham Recipes Low Carb

This collection of the 45 Best Keto Ham Recipes has all of your spring ham needs covered!  We’ve got recipes for Keto baked hams, Keto recipes using leftover ham, and even keto ham recipes using deli ham, when you don’t feel like going whole hog.  See what I did there?  ? ?? Sorry not sorry.



Whether your serving a crowd, or just got a ham on sale and want to use it up keto style, there is a recipe here for every taste and budget!  Sweet and savory options covered, you’ll be impressing your guests with these keto baked ham recipes for sure!

Got leftover ham coming out of your ears and not sure what to do with it?  We’ve got keto ham recipes for soups, salads, casseroles and more that will make the most of your porky bounty!

You ready to get your Jamon?  Tee-hee.  Scroll down to find the best keto ham recipes we could dig up in the list below – we’ve even separated it by category to make it easier to browse!

Oh and if you need some tasty keto side dishes to go with your ham – be sure to check out this collection of the 150 Best Keto Side Dish Recipes next!


Best Keto Baked Ham Recipes


Easy Low Carb Baked Ham with Cranberry Apricot Glaze – I Breathe I’m Hungry



Low Carb Crock Pot Ham – Recipes that Crock

Keto Ham with a Sweet Butter Bourbon Glaze – Wicked Stuffed



Keto Ham – Maple Glazed – Have Butter Will Travel



Cherry Chipotle Baked Ham – I Breathe I’m Hungry

Rosemary Brown Sugar Baked Ham – My Table of Three



Maple-Mustard Glazed Baked Ham – Low Carb Luxury


Best Keto Ham Recipes for Leftover Ham


Cheesy Ham & Egg Breakfast Casserole – I Breathe I’m Hungry



Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole – Joy Filled Eats

Low Carb Sauteed Ham and Green Beans – 730 Sage Street



Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche – Easy Low Carb

Ham and Cheese Asparagus – Julia’s Album



Creamy Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Casserole– Low Carb Maven

Cheesy Ham Hash Egg Cups – I Breathe I’m Hungry



Low Carb Ham and Cheese Crepes – Low Carb-ology

Low Carb Broccoli, Ham and Mozzarella Baked with Eggs – Kalyn’s Kitchen



Green Egg Muffins with Ham and Cheese – Low Carb So Simple

Ham & Cheese Cauliflower Fritters – All Day I Dream About Food



Crockpot Ham Cauliflower “Potato” Stew– Low Carb Yum

Easy Deviled Ham Salad – I Breathe I’m Hungry



Ham and Green Bean Casserole – Lazy Keto Girl

Hot Ham and Cheese Dip – Buns In my Oven



Low Carb Ham and Cauliflower Casserole au Gratin – Kalyn’s Kitchen

Keto Creamy Cauliflower & Ham Soup – I Breathe I’m Hungry




Green Eggs and Ham – Kalyn’s Kitchen

Egg Muffin Breakfast – Keto Low-carb Cups – Eatwell101



Cheesy Cauliflower and Ham Casserole – Low Carb Yum

Hot Ham& Cheese Roll-Ups with Dijon Butter Glaze – Peace Love and Low Carb



3 Cheese Ham and Broccoli Casserole – Peace, Love and Low Carb

Low Carb Ham and Cheese Waffles – Bound by Food



Pressure Cooker Low Carb Ham and Greens – Two Sleevers

Ham Casserole with Cauliflower Rice – That Low Carb Life



Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Frittata – I Breathe I’m Hungry

Keto Ham & Zucchini Muffins – Aussie Keto Queen



Crock Pot Ham and Cabbage – Recipes that Crock

Ham Cobb Salad – Damn Delicious




Best Keto Ham Recipes Using Deli Ham


Italian Sub Keto Roll-Ups – Keto Diet App



Ham and Cheese Egg Roll-Ups – Delish

Low Cab Ham and Cheese Pockets – Low Carb Maven



Keto Breakfast Bake – Kasey Trenum

Keto Baked Ham and Poppyseed Sliders – Cast Iron Keto



Green Eggs and Ham: Avocado Hollandaise – Keto Adapted

Brie, Ham and Green Apple Panini – All Day I Dream About Food



Ham and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms – Joy Filled Eats




Written by Healthy Cat

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