This Chart Is a Helpful Guide for Drinking Alcohol pn Keto

It’s a new year and chances are you’re trying out a new way of eating. And since it’s 2020, chances are that new way of eating is the keto diet. Despite the fact that you can eat bacon, burgers, and eggs as often as you want, you might find yourself missing things like pasta, bread, and BOOZE. Yes, drinking on the keto diet is tough, but not impossible. That’s why we created this handy chart to guide you on your journey trying to have a social life while keeping keto.

Though it’s worth noting that you should probably be restricting your drinking on any diet, especially the keto diet, which relies on you staying in the delicate balance of ketosis, everyone deserves to let loose every once in a while. We created this chart so you can get your drink on responsibly with some low-carb alcohols.

All of our carb via the United States Department of Agriculture’s database, which is really helpful if you’re monitoring pretty much any kind of info.

You should consult the chart for full details, but here are some good keto rules of thumb to keep in mind: Stick to dry wines in general. They’ll pretty much always be lower-carb. Don’t mess with sugary mixers, as drinking straight liquor or mixing with soda water will always be lower-carb. Finally, many spiked seltzers can be choices, but be sure to check the label to make sure as there are so many brands out there.

From: Delish US

Written by Healthy Cat

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