The Keto Diet Helped Me Overcome Fast Food Addiction

My name is Julia Terranova (@juliagetslean), and I am 25 years old. I live in Newberg, Oregon, and I am a receptionist. After reaching a point of eating too much fast food and getting diagnosed with multiple health ailments, I committed to keto and calorie tracking and took back my health.

Before discovering the keto diet, I struggled with binge eating, especially when it came to fast food. My days revolved around trips to the drive-thru and ordering large portions. I was stopping at McDonald’s and Taco Bell two times a day, at the minimum. I hid this habit from everyone, and the weight slowly packed on.

I blamed my weight gain on the fact that I had two babies 14 months apart. I would eat meals at home with my family, then find ways to have a reason to get fast food or coffee drinks at a local coffee shop. I was drinking half my day’s calories in one drink, on top of my multiple fast food trips.

I never realized I had a problem until I started to find ways to make extra money to be able to fund my fast food habits. I would look for change and sell old clothes or household items just to be able to feed my

On top of this, my physical health was struggling. I was newly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and I also had high blood pressure and prediabetes. I was 100 percent sedentary, aside from helping my toddlers with daily tasks.

2017 me I was constantly worried I was taking up too much space. Wether it be from my size, or just not believing in myself at all. I constantly struggled to know who I was as a person. I was a new mom of two under two at only 22 and I was on my 3rd year of marriage after a horribly toxic 6 year relationship before. I truly had no idea what I wanted or who I even was. What I knew that I wanted was food. I relied on fast food because that’s all I knew for so long. It was my comfort and my thing. I could tell you Taco Bell and McDonalds entire menu off the top of my head. Fast forward to now, 2020, and I feel so incredibly happy. I am free. I overcame obesity and am slowly overcoming binge eating. I still have moments, I’m human, but I am so much stronger than I was. I know who I really am and what I want in life. I’ve found my purpose to be here and I am damn proud of who I am and how far I’ve come. . . . . #weightlossjourney #fitmom #fit #fitness #weightloss #macros #macrotracking #activelifestyle #momswholift #momswhoworkout #lifestylechange #believeinyourself #activemom #momsofinstagram #fitnessjourney #beforeandafter #100poundsdown #weightlosstransformation

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I hit my rock bottom when my husband and I were on a road trip along the Oregon coastline.

We were headed into California, which is a long trip that we did in just one day. I was 23 years old and 300 pounds. The car ride was torturous. The swelling, shooting pains, and constant need to eat just got to be too much. I barely fit into my car’s seat, and the seatbelt was digging into my skin.

The next day, when we tried to walk through an amusement park, I couldn’t do it. I was struggling. Struggling to catch my breath and to have the energy to keep going. I saw photos of myself that my husband had taken that day and was just in awe that the person in the pictures was truly me.

I had heard of the keto diet, and I researched it during the entire drive home.

#TransformationTuesday Summer 2018 versus Summer 2020 110lbs gone and I feel 10 years younger. 23 years old versus 25 years old. To this day I still can’t believe how much food controlled me. Food consumed me from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. Taking my life back from obesity was the best decision I’ve ever made. Do it for you. Do it for everything you’ve ever wanted.

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When we got home from our road trip, I immediately went to the grocery store and stocked up on keto foods.

I chose the ketogenic diet because it allowed me to incorporate things that worked for my lifestyle, like bunless burgers. I love to eat filling, fattier meals versus things like salads, so it was sustainable for me. I love that the diet allows me to easily find something to eat wherever I go. Anywhere and everywhere can keto for you, if you just ask.

I also never knew what a carbohydrate really was or even meant until I started tracking my calories and macros. I love the Carb Manager app to track everything from my meals to my water intake to my weight. When I am truly on my tracking game, I lose the most weight.

Most days I can’t recall life before Weightloss. It honestly feels like a blur because all I remember is my mindset with food. I don’t remember struggling too much. Occasionally out of breath but I do remember struggling CONSTANTLY with controlling my binge eating. It took all my power to not spend my last dollar on the Taco Bell dollar menu. I would scavenge for change all day long just to get my next fast food binge. This is what consumed me everyday. Where was I going to get my next meal from? I thought about this every hour. It is such a good feeling to be able to drive past McDonald’s or taco bell and not feel this desirable need to stop at every single one. Taking my life back from obesity was the best choice I could have made. 300lbs vs 190lbs

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  • Breakfast:Two eggs and bacon or sausage with coffee and heavy cream
  • Lunch:A bunless burger, chicken and veggies, lettuce-wrapped sandwiches, or dinner leftovers
  • Snacks:Pickles, olives, Built bars, cheeses, deli meats, Cheese Whisps, or Two Good yogurt
  • Dinner:I love to find new ideas on Pinterest. A favorite is low-carb tortilla enchiladas, keto zuppa toscana, and homemade alfredo sauce with chicken and broccoli
  • Dessert:Enlightened ice cream or Lily’s chocolate

Dinner tonight! Bunless turkey burger, green beans and broccoli fries! Roughly 350 cals. Day 2 back on track and feeling good! . . . . . #healthyfood #wholefoods #weightlossjourney #weightloss #lowcarb #lifestylechange #diet #weightlosstips #fitfam #mealpreponabudget #healthy #macros #macrotracking #extremeweightloss #keto #ketomeals #mealideas #lowcalorie #instaweightloss

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I started exercising after I hit the 50-pound weight loss mark.

I joined Fitness and started by walking on the treadmill for about 30 to 40 minutes a day. Eventually, I started trying out machines and watching others do lifting exercises and gave it a shot. I also followed fitness accounts on Instagram that offered free routines.

I started slowly using free weights and incorporated running. Both of these types of exercise truly gave me the confidence that I have now when to working out. my first 5K last November, and that fueled me to keep going and push for a marathon eventually.

One year apart. What’s changed? 23 lbs lost, endurance gained, muscle gains, and confidence. 1 year into my lifitng journey and it’s been so fun! I never knew how much lifting heavy things in the gym could make me feel so empowered. I knew nothing when I started but I learned by watching others, watching videos, and many fitness people on Instagram like @lexiffit and @sweatwithsabrina I cannot wait to see where I am at next year! Time to make more gainssss! For reference I am 5’9. First picture wearing size large and second picture size S & M

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These three changes have made the biggest impact on my overall weight loss.

  • Change one: I started drinking water.Water helps in so many ways! For me it helps me stay hydrated, feel fuller longer, and have clearer skin. It promotes steady, healthy weight loss because I am not holding in any inflammation and it keeps the scale moving.

ABOUT ME If you’ve been following me for my 2 years now, THANK YOU. I started my weightloss journey July 2018 at 297lbs. I started by following a strict keto diet, cold turkey. I woke up one morning and went for it. I tracked everything I ate, and still do, on @carbmanagerapp I have always drank 100-130 oz of water a day. Currently I am macro tracking and heavy lifting. I have tried keto, whole30, @ww and now macro tracking in my journey so far. I am not at my goal weight but I am very content where I am. Strong and healthy is my goal and repairing my relationship with food. I did keto for 15 months and lost 100lbs. I am now down 111 pounds! I started exercising 6 months into my journey just by walking. Now I crave lifting everyday! It truly becomes a lifestyle. I am a full time working mom with two toddler girls and I’ve been married for 5 years. I am in school to become a medical assistant. My number one goal is to help everyone be successful on their journeys and I am always here to help! Swipe to see some before pictures

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  • Change two: I tracked what I was eating.It was easy to assume I was doing everything right, but little bites here and there added up! Tracking also helps me realize what I’m eating, and when I’m eating. It helps me notice any unhelpful habits I may form when it comes to eating out, snacking, or portion sizes.
  • Change three: I trusted the process.I couldn’t just give up when the scale stopped moving. You can have a perfect month of eating and workouts, but the scale may not reflect that. The scale does not define you. Your body changes in so many ways before the scale moves. I like to take a look at my energy level, my workout intensity, how my clothes fit, and my mood. The non-scale victories mean so much more.

#TransformationTuesday Day one; year one; year two! I sure did that! Currently standing 107 pounds lighter than my day one and feeling better than ever. I am not at my ultimate goal, but I am slowly making my way there! Everyone told me “The last 10 pounds is the hardest!” it always made me laugh because I thought pshh it’s so easy to loose 10lbs if you work hard. Currently laughing at myself because I’ve been at that point since March lol. The amount of growth I’ve had in the last year, regarding loving myself, making goals for my future and pushing through binge eating during a pandemic means so much more than the scale!

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I have lost 114 pounds in two years.My weight loss has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

The part that sticks out to me the most is confidence. I truly had no idea how much my weight was holding me back. When I think back about when I first started my journey, I walked around embarrassed, shy, and worried. I always felt judged, and that just led to me eating more. The feeling of freedom from gaining confidence in yourself is worth more than words can describe.

I have grown mentally (not to financially!) and changed physically for the better just by deciding to change my eating habits. Putting myself first and taking control of my health has opened so many new doors in my life, and given me a true purpose for not only myself, but also my daughters. I hope that I can be the best example for them. I am proud to say I have taken my health back.

When you think about quitting; remember why you started! The journey is a long road. . . You are growing, evolving, learning. I’ve learned more in 2 years than I ever imagined I would. I found myself. I found what brings me happiness. It brought me my true friends and growth in all aspects of my life. . . Confidence is something that can be gained along the way. Don’t give up on what makes you feel your best. It will get hard but you just keep going! [?][?][?]

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