Keto Bloody Mary Cocktail Low Carb

Spicy and tangy, with a punch of sinus clearing horseradish, this Keto Bloody Mary hits all of the right flavor notes!  The perfect keto cocktail for your next brunch or lazy weekend morning on the patio!  ?



Ahhh the Bloody Mary!  The delicious savory cocktail that makes it OK to drink in the morning.  ?  Is it the tomato juice, or the fact that it isn’t sweet that gives this pungent elixir its morning bevvie status?  I honestly don’t know – and I don’t really care either.  I’m totally on board with it (in moderation of course.)

It wasn’t difficult to modify the classic version into this Keto Bloody Mary – there were just a few small tweaks necessary to lower the carb count a tad – and the flavor in my opinion is pretty spot on!



I went with V-8 juice for my version because it’s not as sweet as tomato juice, and I like my Bloody Mary on the savory side.  I also garnished with shrimp, which is optional but pretty – especially if you’re serving this Keto Bloody Mary for a party or brunch and want to dress it up a bit.

If shrimp in the morning is too much for you, a little flag of cooked bacon on a skewer also works and is a nod to breakfast.



This Keto Bloody Mary recipe is heavy on the horseradish and black pepper because I like mine spicy ? but if getting slapped in the face by your breakfast isn’t your thing, you can ease up a bit on both and just add a little at a time until you get it to taste just right for your preference.



If you don’t want to commit to an entire drink, or are having brunch guests and want to include multiple options, you can make a pitcher of this Keto Bloody Mary recipe and then pour it into shot glasses and serve them on a tray “shooter” style.

And of course you can enjoy all of the flavor and none of the buzz by making this Keto Bloody Mary recipe without the vodka!  ?



Written by Healthy Cat

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